Jukin Media Inc

For more than a decade, Jukin Media has worked with amateur video creators to place their viral-style videos in advertising, film, television, and online platforms. Now working on behalf of 50,000 users generating video content, Jukin Media understands that the future of viral video content lies with everyday users.

The genuine—and genuinely moving—videos made by Jukin Media-supported users capture the moments that make life exciting and worthwhile: a child playing in the rain, a breathtaking view over a canyon, the first dance at a wedding, a warm embrace from a pet, or a marriage proposal at the top of a mountain. All content is created by real people, for real people, and hundreds of new pieces of content are added to the library every week. 

The stories shared by these amateur video-makers demonstrate endless creativity and encompass a wide variety of categories, including pets, animals, extreme sports, extreme weather, fails and bloopers, inspirational, and more. The company also offers user-created videos that document the major events of our time, including life during the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and racism. 

Jukin Media is dedicated to making sure content creators receive the broadest positive exposure and the most revenue possible. Through its licensing and syndication platform, the company offers its library of engaging video content to major TV production units, films, online broadcasters, and news outlets. Jukin also works on behalf of creators to prevent piracy and other unauthorized uses. 

To date, Jukin Media videos have received more than 50 billion lifetime views, and the company has generated more than $25 million in royalties for its content creators. 

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